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Wireless Dynamics Sponsorship

Proud to be locals supporting locals 

Find out about getting your community group or event sponsored by Wireless Dynamics.  


Locals supporting locals

Here at Wireless Dynamics we’ve always been proud to be a local business serving local communities across the King Country. And since know what an awesome part of the world we live in, giving back through local sponsorship is our way of saying thank you, and doing our bit to keep local rural communities thriving.

Sponsorship Opportunities

As a rural wireless internet provider, for us it’s all about connections!
We’d love to support projects and events that connect us with our customers and potential customers.

Our support could look like free internet or cash sponsorship towards local community groups, events or projects. We’re also interested in working with other local businesses, all in all so we can play our part in seeing local communities thrive.

Examples of sponsorship opportunities:

– Local community or school events
– Local sports clubs or teams
– School newsletters

The examples mentioned are just a few ideas, and we’re open to conversations around other types of sponsorship opportunities that align with Wireless Dynamics values and goals.


As we’ve said we’re big supporters of “local supporting local” and know that by supporting each other we can achieve some awesome things. This means we review each request responsibly and are committed to establishing mutually beneficial relationships, that align with our values and goals, and also serve our community well.
Through conversation with your community group or business we aim to come to a clear agreement as to the scope and reward of each partnership, one that’s a win-win for all.

It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Applying for sponsorship is as easy as sending a message to our team through the “Sponsorship Request” form below. Just fill in your details and tell us a bit about your project, event, or organisation and hit send! As the saying goes, it doesn’t hurt to ask!

And if you’ve got any questions or ideas you want to have a chat about just give us a shout, we’re all ears.

Let’s keep supporting each other, because when locals come together, great things happen!


Sponsorship Request Form


Give us a call,
Or drop us a line.

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