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Your Local Broadband Provider

If you have a home, a business, or a farm in the King Country, we are your LOCAL internet service provider. 

Our internet service is fast and reliable, backed up by efficient customer service based locally.



Te Kuiti is the home of our business, and our people. 

We’re locals providing internet service to our fellow locals. 

We’re in the same time zone as you and speaking the same language as you so we are responsive to issues to make sure they are resolved quickly and efficiently.   If we need to, we’ll even pay you a visit to sort the problem out.


In today’s world, digital connectivity is essential, so it needs to be affordable. Our internet service plans are designed to be cost-effective with options to suit everyone. 

They’re structured to directly relate to the amount of data you use per month, and guess what…. not everyone needs unlimited data!

When you chat with us, we get to understand a bit about who uses the internet in your household and what they’re mainly using it for so we’re able to recommend the right plan for you. If you’re a Netflix watcher, your usage will be higher than if you just send a couple of emails and Google some random facts each month. 


We know your home, farm and business relies on a dependable connection.  We pride ourselves on keeping you connected, rain or shine, flood or drought.

We’re one of the best in the business for providing internet service to rural communities, and the investment we’ve made helps to give farming families the same access to the online world as the rest of us.