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Keeping our community connected.

If you have a home, business or farm in the King Country, we are your local New Zealand-owned and operated internet provider. Backed by our locally based customer service team, we offer a range of affordable plans that will help keep you connected with super-fast, reliable internet!

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Te Kuiti is the home of our business and our people. We’re King Country locals who are passionate about providing a quality internet service for our fellow locals. Our team is based in the same time zone, we might even be your neighbour! You can count on us to always be responsive – ensuring any questions or issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. If we need to, we will even pay you a visit to sort the problem out.

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We live in a world where digital connectivity is essential, and we believe it needs to be affordable. Our internet service plans are designed to be cost-effective with options to suit everyone. They’re structured to directly relate to the amount of data you use per month, whether you spend all day browsing the web and bingeing Netflix or you just jump on to check your emails every now and again – we’ve got you covered.

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As a Kiwi-owned and operated business we understand your home, farm and business rely on having access to a dependable connection. We pride ourselves on keeping you connected – rain or shine, flood or drought. We’re one of the best in the business when it comes to providing internet service to rural communities, and the investment we’ve made gives farming families the same access to the online world as the rest of New Zealand. 

Meet the team

Harley Cressy

Co-Founder and Network Engineer About Me

Jeremy Earl

Managing Director and Co-Founder About Me

Nigel Walker

Lead Installer and Electronic Masters About Me

Alex Lee

Wireless Broadband Technician About Me

Maiken Laws

Marketing Coordinator About Me

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