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You’ve come to the right place for internet

Are you in our rural coverage area?

As a Kiwi-owned internet provider, we currently have over 70 sites covering 2,500+ square kilometres of the King Country and are continually expanding. Find out today if we can cover you.

Which broadband service is right for you? 


Rural Wireless Broadband

Do you live in the rural back blocks? With our fixed rural broadband, you will be connected to super-fast and reliable internet to help keep your farm, home or business operating at its best.


Urban 4G Wireless Broadband

If you live in town and want speedy internet, but can’t connect to Fibre – our unlimited 4G wireless broadband could be the perfect option for you. With unlimited access you can continue streaming, emailing and Facebooking as much as you like all month.


Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband

We’re rolling out ultra-fast fibre across the King Country, and for those of you living in our urban or town coverage areas, this is the best option to get super-fast internet! Talk to our team to find out if ultra-fast fibre is available at your place. 


Like you, we call the King Country home.

We’re locals with a mission to provide fast and reliable internet across our region. Our internet service is affordable and backed up by our Te Kuiti based customer service team. As a Kiwi-owned and operated business, we understand your needs and have designed our internet plans to suit you! If you have a home, business or farm in the King Country, we’re here to help you get connected!


Are Wifi and Broadband the same thing?

In today’s digital age, terms like internet, broadband, and WiFi are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to different things.  Understanding these differences can help you troubleshoot connectivity issues and make informed decisions about your internet services.   So what is Internet? The internet is a vast global network of interconnected computers and servers […]


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